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Healthcare Practice Group

The healthcare environment presents tremendous challenges for both emerging and established companies given:

  • The application of leading edge technologies to medical product design, enabling less invasive diagnostic and therapeutic approaches
  • The explosion of innovation in products, services, and support to address the needs of an aging population
  • The promise (and competitive threat) of new paradigms including homeopathic medicine and genomics-based diagnostics and therapeutics
  • The impact of e-commerce and other Internet activities on the complex relationships between physicians, other clinicians, hospital and other facility providers, payers, and patients and their families as well as on manufacturers, distributors, and others in the supply chain
  • The demand for new healthcare solutions from an activist patient population empowered by the Internet and other dynamic information channels

Fletcher Spaght's Healthcare Practice Group applies strategic management consulting skills plus industry knowledge and experience to the challenges faced by health-related companies. We help our healthcare clients achieve a competitive advantage in innovative ways while addressing critical clinical practice, regulatory, and cost-benefit issues in the U.S. and worldwide markets. Working across the spectrum of healthcare businesses, the Healthcare Practice includes clients in:

    Diagnostic Products
    Medical Devices
    e-Enabled Healthcare Delivery
    Software/Information Technology
    Medical Data Analytical Systems
    Technology Licensing and Commercialization
    Healthcare-oriented Venture Capital

Fletcher Spaght's Healthcare Practice works with senior management and investor clients to:

  • Assess the market potential for new technology and services
  • Conduct due diligence on potential investments
  • Perform market research and analysis to support decision making through in-depth interviews with key academic and community clinicians and other industry leaders
  • Identify/evaluate options to accelerate market penetration
  • Optimize the business model including sources of revenue and profitability implications
  • Develop innovative solutions to marketing, pricing, and distribution issues by building upon our collective knowledge, experience, and creativity.
  • Assess the need for development and commercialization partners, as well as identify candidates and secure relationships
  • Create business plans for operational purposes as well as to support fundraising
  • Develop and implement action plans to realize value

Specific examples of how Fletcher Spaght's Healthcare Practice Group has assisted clients include:

Market Need
For an emerging remote data clinical trial data management solutions provider we conducted in-depth market research with pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and clinical research organization (CRO) decision makers. From this research we developed insights relative to the value proposition which lead to creation of a breakout strategy for the company. The resulting action plan led to a merger with a leading systems provider.

Due Diligence
For a leading risk capital firm, FSI evaluated opportunities in medical staffing services including assessment of the market potential and competitive position of each business segment within the company's portfolio. The work resulted in an investment in several companies.

Business Model
A successful specialty physician practice wanted to evaluate the potential of leveraging its capabilities through the development of a value-added Web-site. FSI developed a business model which moved beyond content and included an application service provider (ASP) model for delivery of specialized practice management tools based on core competencies within the partnership. FSI assisted in the identification of content partners and facilitated negotiations.

Segments for Initial Focus
A venture-backed developer of a novel polymer, with numerous potential indications, asked FSI for assistance in assessing the market opportunity and criteria for early adoption opportunities for commercialization. The client used FSI analysis to support development of its business plan and subsequently secured financing activities.

Competitive Sales Opportunities
For a potential investor in the physician electronic prescribing industry, FSI defined the competitive landscape, addressing relative attractiveness of product functionality, business models, and long-term opportunity. Fletcher Spaght conducted market research with potential users and with solutions providers. The venture capitalist client proceeded with an investment in the area.

Corporate Partner Negotiations
FSI assisted a start-up company with a novel drug delivery approach in partnering negotiations with a major pharmaceutical company. FSI conducted an in-depth valuation assessment, developed the value proposition, and prepared the presentation material. As a result, a significant equity investment was offered to FSI's client at an attractive valuation.

Fill Product Portfolio Gaps
A major biopharmaceutical company, suffering clinical setbacks, realized a product portfolio gap was emerging. FSI, through use of numerous print sources, review of academic research, and conversations with small and large pharmaceutical companies, identified several acquisition and partnering candidates that met the client's specifications.

International Expansion
A pharmaceutical client with a product in U.S. clinical trials for hematology applications sought assistance in their European commercialization planning. FSI conducted in-depth market research with clinical and operational decision makers across multiple European countries to identify the relative market opportunity, requirements for substitution, and marketing prerequisites to support rapid adoption in each country.

FSI envisioned the need for an e-health practice which could deliver state-of-the-art technology perspective and healthcare knowledge. Merging experience from our healthcare strategy and high technology practices, FSI is uniquely positioned to address the emerging e-health market.

Experience Areas
FSI's Healthcare Practice Group has completed numerous engagements in the e-health, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical device areas including:


    ASP physician practice management tools
    Electronic CME
    Electronic and Internet-based prescribing
    Electronic warehousing and management of proprietary pharmaceutical compounds
    Internet-based charge capture
    Internet-based clinical trial management
    Internet-based elder services Physician mobile computing platforms
    Remote (clinical) data capture
    Web-based preclinical/toxicology management
    Web-based wellness program
    Web-hosted scientific product procurement

Information Systems/Technologies

    Biomedical equipment asset management
    Blood bank/transfusion software
    Claims processing
    Clinical outcomes software
    Clinical trial systems
    High-throughput screening
    Laboratory informatics
    Pharmaceutical and provider call center systems
    Pharmaceutical databases
    Pharmacy management
    Physician workstations
    Rational drug design


    Ablative technologies
    Blood collection/processing
    Dental implants
    Drug delivery: oral, patch, inhaled, implant
    Hearing implants
    Heart valves
    ICU support
    Interventional cardiology
    Neuromuscular electrical stimulators
    Optical biopsy
    Orthopedic braces
    Orthopedic implants
    Pacemaker leads
    Photodynamic therapy
    Radial keratectomy PRK/LASIK
    Patient monitoring systems
    Surgical robotics
    Thermo-regulatory devices
    Wound closure


    Cardiac imaging
    Cell imaging
    Digital x-ray
    Genetic screening
    Imaging agents
    Obstetrics/gynecology imaging
    Portable x-ray and ultrasound
    Ultrasound probes

Health Management

    Disease management initiatives
    Health plans (managed care)
    Hospital strategic planning
    Physician services/MSO's
    Purchasing/inventory management


    Blood processing/filtration
    Cardiac cath/EP lab
    Clinical laboratory
    Equipment sterilization
    ICU support
    Imaging systems
    Medical voice recognition
    Patient monitoring systems


    Anesthesia agents, gases
    Asthma/respiratory disease
    Autoimmune disorders
    Condyloma agents
    Dental therapeutics
    Diabetes/insulin resistance
    Diabetic complications
    End-stage kidney disease
    Gamma interferon
    Growth factors
    Inflammatory bowel disease
    Multiple sclerosis
    Organ transplants
    Parkinson's disease
    Rheumatoid arthritis
    Short-bowel syndrome
    Tissue regeneration
    Transcription factors
    Wound healing


    Adult STD vaccines
    Bone marrow/stem cell transplants
    Encapsulation technology
    Monoclonal antibodies
    Plasma separation
    Pediatric vaccines
    Therapeutic vaccines

Clinical Diagnostics

    Blood chemistries, immunodiagnostics
    Blood bank screening
    Dental diagnostics
    Diabetic markers
    DNA diagnostics/hybridization
    Drugs of abuse
    Infectious diseases
    Near patient testing (POC)
    Non-invasive and invasive monitoring
    Open system reagents
    Rapid diagnostics


    Chemoembolization agents
    Hyaluronic acid
    Hydrophilic polymers
    Microinterventional devices
    Periodontal gels


    Blood collection centers
    Clinical research organizations
    Site management organizations
    Home/contract nursing & therapists
    Home/center-based infusion
    Hospital technology management
    Laboratory services
    Laundry services
    Medical simulators
    Outpatient clinics
    Pediatric acute and hospice programs
    Physician education/training
    Physician recruitment/staffing
    Primary care site management
    Rehabilitation services
    Transitional/subacute care
    Transfusion services
    Wound care centers


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