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High Technology Practice Group

High technology businesses compete in complex, dynamic markets. Typically, technology innovators face an enormous marketing challenge as they work to prevail against the status quo, multiple competitive options and a prospect's budget constraints. FSI assists clients and risk capital investors with the development of strategies and alternatives for maximizing the growth potential of technology-based businesses within the context of:

  • Contraction of the public and private capital markets
  • Need to allocate resources to achieve growth and profitability
  • Reduced capital spending among many technology buyers
  • Intensifying competitive pressures as businesses work to grow within a capital constrained environment
  • Continued performance and capacity improvements of microprocessor-based systems enabling delivery of new, high band-width/lower cost solutions
  • Increased mobility and capability of wireless communications options
  • Introduction of new types of technologies to support and exploit the rapidly expanding bandwidth and infrastructure requirements for high capacity networks, storage solutions, and switches/gateways

FSI's High Technology Practice Group provides strategy assistance to clients in information technology and other technology sectors. We help our high technology clients enhance the growth and profitability of their ventures by addressing the market opportunity, basis of competitive advantage, business model profitability, and optimal marketing mix. The High Technology Practice includes clients in:

    Computer/Software Services
    Application Software
    Networking/Systems Software
    Development Tools Software
    Imaging Hardware/Software
    Computer Hardware, Peripherals and Components
    Networking Hardware
    Internet/Electronic Commerce Infrastructure
    Electronic Commerce
    Internet Business
    Data Communications
    Advanced Materials

Fletcher Spaght's High Technology Practice works with the senior management of its technology and Internet clients and their risk capital investors to:

  • Assess the market potential for new technologies and services
  • Conduct market research to support decision making, strategy development, and alternative assessment
  • Identify/evaluate options to accelerate market penetration through segmented approaches
  • Build upon our collective knowledge, experience, and creativity to develop innovative solutions to marketing, pricing, and distribution questions
  • Optimize business models including revenue streams and profitability levels
  • Identify corporate partners for product development, content exchange, or distribution advantage
  • Conduct due diligence on prospective investments
  • Create business plans for operational needs and fundraising purposes
  • Develop and implement action plans to realize value

FSI's High Technology Practice Group has completed numerous engagements throughout information technology, telecommunications, and other technology-oriented areas.

Specific examples of how we have assisted high technology clients include:

Technology Commercialization Strategy
After funding dozens of product development efforts, a research laboratory of a major computer systems manufacturer identified fifteen development-stage projects having commercial potential. FSI evaluated the fifteen projects and helped select five projects for business plan development leading to licensing or spin-off, and recommended an appropriate course of action. As a result of FSI's evaluation, two new companies will be formed.

Due Diligence
FSI assessed the commercial opportunity, marketing strategy, service quality, and profitability projections of a provider of telecommunications consulting services for a leading risk capital firm. Subsequent to FSI assessment, the risk capital firm made the investment and the acquired firm went public in under two years.

Substitution Alternatives
A manufacturer of high-resolution imaging display boards was considering a major investment in high-resolution flat-panel displays as an alternative to monitors supplied by other vendors. Management was concerned about the impact that introducing these products could have on the revenue stream for its existing products. FSI provided the substitution analysis that gave management the information needed to recommend and obtain board approval for the investment.

Market Research/Competitive Analysis
A developer of e-commerce supplier-side content management solutions engaged FSI to help them reposition their company to better address customer-specific needs, and differentiate their solutions from those of their competitors. FSI performed extensive market research with current customers, lost prospects, and competitors. We performed competitive analysis on product offerings, sales approach, and comparative positioning and recommended a revised strategy and a comprehensive action plan which were successfully executed by the company. With FSI's assistance, this client achieved improved results and significant increases in shareholder value.

Distribution Channels
A computer components manufacturer was experiencing channel conflict among its internal salesforce, direct salesforce, and indirect sales organizations. FSI performed market research, conducted competitive analysis, spoke with relevant internal and external members of the sales organization, and made strategy recommendations to management. As a result of our work, the client developed and implemented a revised sales referral process and compensation plan as an incentive for all parties to act in the best interest of the company and its customers.

Product Positioning and Pricing Alternatives
A provider of Web applications development tools asked Fletcher Spaght to help them evaluate a radical change to their product and positioning strategy. FSI performed competitive analysis and extensive customer market research to assess customer reaction to the change and the impact of such a change on the client's financial results. Following the research effort, FSI recommended a revised product pricing structure based on application utilization. The client implemented the new growth strategy and completed an IPO the following year.

Business Model
An established supplier of digital telephony systems asked FSI to help them assess the opportunity for broadband/Internet access, messaging, and telephony in a single integrated server package designed for small business distribution in conjunction with broadband service providers. FSI conducted market research and competitive analysis, contacted potential partners, and generated a comprehensive business model suitable for presentation to potential funding sources and partners.

Customer/Market Segmentation
A provider of call center services developed an advanced service offering incorporating Internet-enhancement to traditional in-bound and out-bound telemarketing. The capability appeared to be applicable to a number of promising market segments. FSI evaluated the relevant market segments and developed a prioritization and penetration strategy for the most promising segments. This strategy allowed the client to focus on the most attractive opportunities and expand their customer base to other industries.

Experience Areas
FSI's High Technology Practice Group has completed numerous engagements in Internet and e-commerce businesses, hardware and software, telecommunications, instrumentation, and materials.

Internet Businesses

    Data conferencing
    Internet communities
    Internet market research
    Content websites
    Data warehouses
    Retail sales channels
    Retail transaction portals
    Web-ratings technology

Internet/e-Commerce Infrastructure

    Analytical applications
    Cyber security applications
    Development tools for Web
    Development tools for e-commerce
    Document security technology

Networking Hardware

    ATM switches
    CAD/CAM interconnect
    Channel controllers
    Cross-point switches
    File servers
    Frame relay switches
    Hubs/switching hubs
    Multiport bridges
    Optical switches
    T1 multiplexers
    Wireless/remote access devices

Imaging Hardware

    Graphics accelerators
    Image processing/display
    Optical character readers
    Visual simulation

Computer Hardware/ Peripherals and Components

    Disk drives
    Fault-tolerant CPUs
    Fine line PCBs
    GaAs components
    Holographic data storage
    Multilogic, flexible
    Power supplies
    Symmetric multi-processors
    Spindle motors
    Tape drives
    VME boards
    Voice recognition boards


    Call center applications
    Fax servers
    Fiber to the home
    Metropolitan access networks (MANs)
    Satellite communications
    Teleconferencing servers
    Wireless data
    Wireless infrastructure equipment


    Acoustic gauging
    Global positioning systems
    Microwave test equipment
    Millimeter wave sensing
    Optical emission spectroscopy
    Robotic vision
    Semiconductor process test equipment


    e-commerce retail portal
    EDI-Web transaction processing
    Computing products
    e-catalog businesses
    Payment technology
    Home furnishings
    Technical supplies

Computer/Software Services

    Application service providers
    Healthcare data services
    Help desk software/services
    Systems consulting
    Systems integration
    Transaction-intensive services
    Systems validation and verification
    Telecom consulting
    Telecom market research

Networking/Systems Software

    Database interoperability
    Data warehousing
    Data synchronization
    MF/LAN access
    Manufacturing control
    Manufacturing productivity
    Network operating systems
    Network systems integration
    Operating systems
    PC management
    Switching software
    Wireless LANs

Advanced Materials

    Bonding wire
    Ceramic matrix composites
    Diamond films
    GaAs ICs
    Gas sensors
    Infra-red sensors
    Metal matrix composites
    Microwave ferrites
    Silicon wafers
    Sol gels
    Structural ceramics
    Thermal barrier coatings

Development Tools/Software

    ASIC design & simulation
    Client/server applications
    Java, Perl
    Natural language SQL query
    Neural networks
    Object oriented programming
    Open source development (ZOPE)
    Web applications

Application Software

    Business intelligence
    CAD/CAM file maintenance
    CAE CD-ROM publishing
    Desktop publishing
    Document management
    Financial consolidation/budgeting
    Medical image management
    Office automation
    Photograph image editing/drawing
    Real estate image database
    Retail management


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