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How FSI Works

The clients of Fletcher Spaght have unique needs and high expectations. The experience our staff gains and the skills they contribute to each assignment vary. This diversity is one of the foremost factors which keep our staff fulfilled.

Fletcher Spaght's approach to engagements typically features a team of three to five professionals. Each team member's role is essential and their input is both expected and valued. We base the size and experience mix of a team on 1) the scope and duration of the project and 2) the expertise and interest of FSI staff members.

A typical FSI team includes:

Practice Leaders or Principals, who lead the team on a day-to-day basis. The main job of the team leader is to set the project approach, as well as join the rest of the team in the information gathering and analysis for the client.

Consultants and Analysts execute the team leader's approach, assuming responsibility for major elements of the work. These team members contribute their valuable insights and expertise in specific fields toward solving client problems.

During the typical two to four month project, junior and senior staff interact on a regular basis. This process allows junior staff members to gain the benefit of senior staff expertise. In fact, FSI gives junior staff members much more exposure to senior management than would be typical of other firms with more layers of management.


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