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Sharing FSI's Experience

Periodically, we draw on our experience working with a broad range of companies and industries, to gather insights about the issues faced by our clients. We use those insights to develop thought pieces, which we share with our clients and other companies that may be interested in working with us.

Some examples of these thought pieces are:

Substitution - Learn more about FSI's experience in commercializing new innovations and our perspective on substitution.

Profit Enhancement for Transaction-Intensive Business - Learn about profit enhancing performance metrics and options for clients with transaction-intensive businesses.

Fletcher Spaght Client Success
Developing successful companies takes years of effort. Since 1983, Fletcher Spaght, Inc. has been helping companies realize their long-term potential. Each year, several FSI clients complete major financial transactions, reflecting a measure of progress along the path to success.

Examples of FSI Clients Completing Public Offerings Since 1997

Examples of FSI Clients Completing Major Financings Since 1997

Examples of FSI Clients Merged/Acquired Since 1997


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