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About Fletcher Spaght, Inc.


Fletcher Spaght, Inc. provides strategy and financing assistance to new ventures, including start-up companies, risk capital investors and emerging technologies/growth enterprises within larger organizations. We advise our clients on the commercial potential of new technologies and the options for developing, funding, or acquiring new businesses. More specifically, our client relationships focus around:


FSI's approach draws on the analytical methods of strategy consulting, expertise in specific technologies and vertical markets, broad experience in business planning and operations, knowledge of capital markets, and close working relationships with more than 100 of the leading risk capital funds.

Our professional staff has the skills needed to create, develop, and grow new businesses, including:


John Fletcher founded the firm in 1983. While working with The Boston Consulting Group, John recognized an opportunity to apply BCG strategy analysis and perspectives to emerging, venture capital-backed companies. We are proud to be in our 25th year of providing "new venture" consulting to our U.S. and international clients and being a respected member of the Boston business community.

Practice Groups

To serve our clients most effectively, Fletcher Spaght is organized in three practice groups:


Fletcher Spaght is located in Boston, Massachusetts.

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