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Recruiting Frequently Asked Questions

Recruiting Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recruiting process for Analysts?
FSI visits college campuses to interview Analyst candidates in the late fall or early spring, and then typically invites a few candidates from each school to visit our offices. The interviewing process ranges from two to eight weeks. We encourage candidates who are no longer students to apply at any time of year. This allows more flexibility in the interview timeline.

Office visits may involve one to four interviews (30-45 minutes each) with different level staff members. Depending on staff availability, we may need one or two separate in-office interview sessions to complete the interview process.

Which schools do you visit?
FSI is willing to hire from any school. In the past, we have focused the recruiting of Analysts on the following schools: Brown, Carnegie Mellon, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, MIT and the University of Pennsylvania. Please contact your on-campus recruiting office to see if we will be at your school this year.

What if you do not come to my campus, or I do not get to see you there?
Please send your resume and a cover letter to recruiting@FletcherSpaght.com. We may be able to arrange a telephone interview and then schedule an on-site visit at the same time as the other candidates.

In addition to the schools we visit, FSI solicits candidates through Monster and MonsterTRAK, and the on-campus recruiting offices at the following schools: Boston College, Boston University, Brandeis, Columbia, Harvard Business School, Cornell, Middlebury, MIT/Sloan, RPI, the Tuck School, Tufts, the Wharton School, Yale, the Yale School of Management and others.

Will I be tested during the interviews?
FSI does not administer structured tests. Nor do we require specific knowledge. Rather, we ask candidates to engage in the discussion of hypothetical business situations. Our goal is to understand how well the candidate is able to think about the type of work we do and evaluate the candidate's level of passion for our business.

Most questions we ask are based on the firm's recent projects, though we may ask you about business issues related to a previous job. Though we will be impressed if you get the "right answer," we are most interested in how you communicate, structure your thoughts, what questions you ask, and how you draw on your experience in addressing the issue at hand.

What do you look for in a candidate?
A relevant educational background is very important, since many of our clients' products are highly technical and require an understanding of their complexities. Equally as important are excellent communication skills (oral and written), a genuine thirst for learning, initiative, enthusiasm, and an ability to fit well with the personality of the firm.

We also find previous experience in a summer or full time job relevant to our work attractive. FSI considers fluency in Spanish, French, or German an asset since we frequently work on international assignments.

How many people do you hire?
Each year, we make offers to about five to ten candidates for Analyst positions, and about two to three candidates for Consultant positions. We have no quotas or hiring targets. Though we might not have immediate staff needs, we are always interested in attracting excellent people.

Do you hire foreign citizens?
You must have the legal right to work in the U.S., either through citizenship or permanent residency. We regret that we cannot help you obtain the proper visa if you do not already have it.

How do I get to your office?


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