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Corporate Growth Practice Group

Corporate Growth Practice Group

Never before have more forces combined to reshape the market and competitive environment for businesses today. These forces, which represent significant growth opportunities and challenges for new, as well as established companies, include:

  • Increased globalization and supplier/purchaser reach
  • Competitive pressures resulting in extensive merger and acquisition activity
  • Rapid technological change to support the infrastructure requirements of enterprise software, the Internet / intranets, e-commerce, etc.
  • Contraction of the capital markets, both public and private
  • Broad adoption of the Internet as an accepted communication medium and use of the Web to deliver goods, services, and content
  • Changes in government regulations/policies
  • Emergence of new competitors and new business models

Fletcher Spaght's Corporate Growth Practice Group provides strategy assistance to established, maturing corporations seeking to create shareholder value through new avenues of growth, transformation of old business models, and/or portfolio change. The Corporate Growth Practice Group serves clients in:

    Manufacturing Companies
    Distribution/Transaction-Intensive Companies

    Service Companies
    B2B/B2C e-Commerce Companies

Fletcher Spaght's Corporate Growth Practice Group works with senior management and investor clients to:

  • Perform corporate strategy "audits"
  • Develop growth strategies for mature businesses
  • Create innovations for new business initiatives
  • Provide strategic value creation
  • Facilitate business unit strategic planning, including identification of market needs/buying behavior, strategic segmentation of the market, analysis of market size/growth potential, and competitive analysis
  • Determine means of competitive differentiation
  • Create profitability improvement strategies based upon activity-based costing, best practices/benchmarking, and product/market profitability analyses
  • Develop and structure on-line strategies

Specific examples of how Fletcher Spaght's Corporate Growth Practice Group has assisted clients include:

Market Needs, Competitive Risks, and Opportunities
For an on-line marketmaker of electronic components we conducted in-depth market research with component suppliers, purchasing agents, and end-use design engineers. From our research, we developed insights to define and rank-order the primary needs of each market. This knowledge helped our client make a significant modification of its offering to the marketplace.

Due Diligence
For a major private equity fund investing in a building materials engineering and manufacturing company, FSI assessed the company's acquisition strategy as well as the fit of individual acquisition candidates. Fletcher Spaght forecasted the potential revenue gains from a combined entity and built a cost model to benchmark costs across acquired businesses. Our work resulted in actionable steps to enhance overall operating profit through revenue growth and cost reduction.

Segments for Initial Focus
A durable goods marketmaker realized it could not be equally effective in all segments of its markets and that gaining traction was critical. We utilized our market research and competitive analysis to define target segments within both supplier and buyer markets and worked with the client to identify the most attractive segments for market entry.

Customer Profitability
FSI was engaged by a major institutional food distributor to examine its customer base and determine its cost of serving customers. FSI analyzed sales, marketing and logistics requirements, and total costs. FSI output included several metrics of operating margin by customer, which allowed the client to prioritize its customer base according to "true" profitability and account potential.

Corporate Strategy
A leading private equity fund asked FSI to define the barriers to entry and competitive aspects of the outsourced manufacture of electronics enclosures. FSI defined a complete competitive solution and set the course for the client to build internally or acquire needed capabilities. Today the client is one of the largest outsourcers of electronics enclosures.

Business Plan
A women's healthcare B2C company realized that internal growth would not be sufficient to achieve market leadership and defensibility. We worked with the client to assess growth alternatives through acquiring, merging, or partnering with established providers of complimentary services and/or service companies in contiguous market segments. Most of the company's growth to date has been through acquisition and partnering.

Business Processes
An industry leader in process control systems believed that its costs were not competitive. FSI determined the client's costs by activity and then determined where and why these costs differed from those of its competitors. In a follow-on assignment, FSI collaborated with a team of senior executives in redesigning a core business process to reduce costs and improve performance. Using e-business initiatives, the redesign team developed new revenue opportunities and potential cost reductions through global assignment of work and advanced internal knowledge sharing.

International Expansion
A life sciences B2B company wished to expand into Europe. In a joint effort with our client, we conducted on-site market research and competitive analysis in multiple countries in Europe. The research highlighted the significant differences in needs, buying behavior, pricing, regulations, and language requirements in each country. Building upon this information, we worked with the client to map a strategy to enter the markets of highest potential and developed an action plan specific to each market.

Experience Areas
FSI's Corporate Growth Practice Group has completed numerous engagements in the B2B/B2C manufacturing, distribution, operations improvements and services areas:

B2B/Net Marketmakers

    Life sciences
    Research grants
    Technical products


    Aircraft parts
    Auto parts
    Automotive paint
    Building materials
    Computer hardware
    Computer software
    Electrical/electronic components
    Ethical pharmaceuticals/OTC pharmaceuticals/medical supplies
    Heavy equipment
    Institutional food
    Office products
    Veterinary supplies
    Wine and spirits

Manufacturing Companies

    Agricultural products
    Aluminum products
    Auto parts
    Building materials
    Business forms
    Electrical components
    Electronic assemblies
    Lighting products
    Metal enclosures
    Office products


    Charitable giving
    College student services
    Financial planning
    Interior design
    Healthcare products
    Office products
    Physician practice management
    Senior citizen services

Service Companies/Other

    Advertising, direct marketing
    Commercial airline
    Credit cards
    Database/direct marketing
    Financial services
    Flight simulators
    Insurance products
    IT outsourcing
    Mail order/catalogs
    Professional service firms
    Security services

Operations Improvement

    Implementation of information-based tools
    Identification of best practices
    Activity-based costing
    Product/market profitability
    Benchmarking metrics
    Business intelligence/executive information design
    Supply chain management
    Outsourcing strategy


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