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Beyond FSI

FSI professionals take many career paths beyond our firm, but they all find that their experience working here has opened many doors. The FSI experience provides skills that prove helpful across industries, functions, and business situations.

Beyond the Analyst

Deborah joined FSI as an Analyst after earning her bachelor's degree in biology from Harvard. She chose FSI because it gave her a unique opportunity to combine her science background and business interests -- specifically in medical technology commercialization and the business side of healthcare. Deborah left Fletcher Spaght after two years to pursue a MD/MBA degree in the Health Sciences and Technology program, a joint program between Harvard and MIT.

"After finishing college, I wanted a chance to work in the real world and to explore the business dimensions of the healthcare industry. My job as an Analyst at Fletcher Spaght gave me the opportunity to learn about these issues. I worked with many different clients and was exposed to a broad spectrum of medical technologies. Eventually, I hope to practice clinical medicine and be involved in technology commercialization utilizing some of the skills I gained at FSI."

Jean spent three years as an Analyst at Fletcher Spaght, after working in mechanical engineering at Motorola. She hoped that by making a transition to management consulting she would have an opportunity to apply her mechanical engineering skills to a business setting. Jean left Fletcher Spaght to pursue her MBA at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School and is majoring in strategic and entrepreneurial management.

"FSI played a very important role in where I am today. As an Analyst, I was exposed to a broad range of companies and different styles of management. I learned many ways of solving business issues -- from marketing to higher level business strategy to international business expansion. My experience working with Peary Spaght was incredibly valuable. He was a great role model and a wonderful mentor who shaped the type of business professional I became. After I graduate, I hope to either return to management consulting or work in private equity."

Brian spent three years as an Analyst at Fletcher Spaght, after earning a degree in biomedical engineering from Harvard. Brian chose Fletcher Spaght because he believed the small-company environment would allow him to gain a broad understanding of the high technology healthcare business. He also wanted the opportunity to work with industry veterans and he liked the fact that the people at FSI genuinely enjoyed working together. Following his career at Fletcher Spaght, Brian held various management-level positions in the healthcare/technology industry. He is currently the Director of Business Development at NaviMedix, an Internet healthcare company. Brian plans to continue building his career in the entrepreneurial/small business arena.

"My experience at Fletcher Spaght gave me the basic elements of a businessperson's toolkit. I learned that there is a certain rigor around marketing strategy development, tactical plan development, and understanding both the customer and the market. During my time at FSI, I gained the fundamental belief that once you understand everything there is to know about a market, you can make good business decisions. Working at Fletcher Spaght laid the foundation for everything I have done."

Beyond the Consultant

Lauren spent three years at Fletcher Spaght, first as an Analyst and then as an Associate Consultant after her promotion. She joined FSI after earning her undergraduate degree in biochemistry from Harvard. Lauren enjoyed the opportunity to combine her interest in science and business through her work at Fletcher Spaght. She gained tremendous experience dealing with physicians and clinical trials while building critical business skills. Ultimately her career at Fletcher Spaght and the support from her colleagues helped her decide on a career in pharmaceuticals or biotechnology. She is currently pursuing an MBA degree, specializing in healthcare management and marketing at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School.

"When I came to FSI, I was not sure of my next step, since I had interests in both science and business. My FSI experience helped me solidify the direction of my career. The people at FSI want to help you learn about business -- and they make it possible. Even as a junior staff member, I had exposure to high level clients, and had the opportunity to interview physicians, pharmaceutical company executives, biotechnology researchers, etc. As a result, I got up to speed quickly in the medical technology area and was able to help clients right away. I also found wonderful support from my FSI colleagues, who shared their experiences and helped me decide to go to business school. I am glad I still have a connection to the firm and I value the friendships and relationships that I built at FSI."

Sandy joined Fletcher Spaght as an Analyst and was later promoted to Consultant. She had been working as a laboratory technician at Dartmouth Medical School when a friend suggested that she look into career opportunities in Fletcher Spaght's Healthcare Practice Group. Sandy's work at Fletcher Spaght gave her the chance to further explore the healthcare industry and ultimately helped her decide on a career in this field. After leaving Fletcher Spaght, Sandy earned a master's degree from the Harvard School of Public Health, and is currently working in the Finance Department at Brigham & Women's Hospital (Partner's HealthCare).

"I enjoyed working at Fletcher Spaght. The firm offered a friendly environment, interesting projects, and tremendous opportunity to learn. My experience at FSI gave me both a broad and deep understanding of the healthcare industry. I also learned business fundamentals including market research, competitive analysis etc. One of the most important skills I gained was information gathering.It's like detective work. You establish a process, ask questions, look for clues that generate more questions, and glean the relevant material. These skills are valuable no matter what you do."

Jason joined Fletcher Spaght as an Analyst after earning his master's degree in electrical engineering from MIT. He was subsequently promoted to Associate Consultant. Jason felt that working for Fletcher Spaght would provide a valuable opportunity to round out his engineering expertise with business experience. He left Fletcher Spaght to pursue his MBA degree at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School. After graduating from Wharton, Jason joined Jeffries Broadview where he is currently a Vice President.

"When I graduated from MIT I was not sure which route to take -- engineering or business. My experience at Fletcher Spaght allowed me to combine the two effectively. I was also exposed to many aspects of business in a brief period of time. By taking on projects, one after the other, in just three years I had built a solid business foundation in marketing, marketing strategy development, etc. I also gained some valuable project management skills, which have helped me to initiate and manage the projects I have encountered in my Wharton studies."


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